David's Dozen 
Alfredo Casuso is here today because of the Begoña : the ship that brought   the then six-year old back to Spain from Venezuela along with his family. It was a journey common to many during the 1950s and '60s. Spanish families, having fled Spain's post-Civil War economic slump, emigrated to South America to find work and family connections. After rebuilding their lives and fortunes, many - like the family Casuso-Alos - longed to return home to raise their children in their native land. Likewise, the Spanish Begoña  was also not native born. Launched in 1945 as the cargo ship Vassar Victory, after the war she was renamed Castel Bianco for the Sitmar Line. In 1957, Spain's Cia Trasatlantica purchased her and dubbed her Begoña  where she was a served between the Americas for 15 years. In a bittersweet goodbye, she was sold for scrap on Christmas Eve 1974